Why Do I Keep Getting Rejected For Jobs

But what are you to do when you keep getting rejected.

Why do i keep getting rejected for jobs. Five different people weigh in on what the reasons could be. In this answer on quora monster career expert vicki salemi offers insight into why those job offers just arent making their way to you. Changing jobs or careers is a full time job and it is a numbers game the more opportunities you create for yourself the closer you will be to a few solid offers that you can choose from. Why do i keep getting rejected from jobs.

Ten reasons qualified job applicants get rejected 1. The most annoying thing is the vast majority of these ers dont have the decency to actually tell you youve been rejected. Being rejected from a job means your closer to getting an offer. I have 3 years of volunteering and is considered a great worker.

You might have felt a position was tailor made to your background submitted your carefully crafted cover letter and resume and did a little happy dance. Why do i keep getting rejected from jobs i interview for. Over and over and over again. I keep my resume updated on a weekly basis no matter what job i am applying for someone else always gets the job i do have a hig school diploma and i have two years of college no degree in college i do have basic secrtary and receptiont skill yet i cannot even get these basic simple jobs any suggestions that anyone may have i would appreciate.

I dont know what to do or what i am doing wrong. Ive been rejected from cleaning jobs mcdonalds tesco and asda any other major supermarket you can think of. The candidate is qualified for the job opening that was published but in the meantime the hiring manager has changed the spec dramatically. So youre applying to jobs left and right youre even going on interviews left and right.

I get to the mid to late stages of the process but i get no offer. I have been applying for a part time job the past few months for different retailers next gap clarks etc and even boots and even fast food companies b.