What File Type Should My Resume Be In

Most resume databases will reject pdf files and most recruiters dont like them either.

What file type should my resume be in. While docx is becoming more and more common not all applicant tracking systems can read them and your resume may come out garbled. Word document xml document single file web page web page web. To save your documents as a pdf depending on your word processing software program you may be able to file print to adobe pdf. Simply because your document file looks amazing on your screen dont assume it will duplicate identically on upload to another computer screen.

I am using word 2003 on my windows laptop and im trying to forward a resume. Generic simple text file types that can be produced by nearly any word processing program including the simplest pre installed text editors like notepad wordpad or textedit rtf. To save your resume as a word document click on file save as and type in the file name you are giving your resume ie. A file format is identified by the three letter extension at the end.

The last thing you need when applying for a job is to email a resume that the employer cannot open. Whether you want to email or fax your resume paste it into a job board or post it on the web it all starts electronically. Before choosing your file format ensure you read the job description thoroughly to see if the employers prefers a certain file type. Whoever you send a resume.

The best and worst ways to send a resume eric z goodnight at ezgoodnight september 28 2016 1118am edt with so many people looking for jobs the slightest edge in your resume presentation has potential to make or break your chances. A basic file format is the wisest choice. C opy and paste your resume into the body of the email and attach it as word or pdf file. Select the folder youve chosen to save it in.

Its quick and easy for a recruiter to glance at a cut and pasted resume plus if the recruiters reviewing resumes on his or her phone they can open your email and quickly scroll down to look at your entire resume. Creating an up to date electronic resume is the essential first step in any job hunt. You should always send the format the employer asks for. When i go to save as i have the option to save as various types.

You should always send the format the employer asks for. What file format should my resume be in. Be careful about saving your resume as a docx file which is the default in the latest versions of microsoft word since 2007.